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We are an adventurous couple, both artists, originally from the Netherlands and Belgium. After exploring many countries we chose to settle down in Bali.

Carola's style favours impressionism,  influenced by figures and the fabric of her environment.  Her curiosity of how to create texture with the oil paint and lack of fear of using strong colours plays with the canvas, resulting in her paintings capturing glimpses of life that all come together beautifully. Carola expresses her view on art by:

"Art has no time limit, past and present are one".

Guy's art is inspired by spirituality, which manifests in mixed media.
His art began, and remains prominent, with his love of creating acrylic paintings. Sculptures quickly followed and he produces uniquely-designed lamps made ​​from natural materials discovered in many parts of Asia.  Guy expresses his view on art by:

"Art is the expression of your soul. You show who you are. A painting does not lie".

Our compatibility in our relationship and as individuals stems from our environment,  which fuels our passion to support one another’s work and allows our art to flow through us.

Any object that we create is unique and exclusive.

We invite you to enjoy our work.

Carola Lips          Guy Vandevijvere

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